My family has owned and operated The Caxton Hotel for the past 12 years and the artwork of Nicholas J Broughton has been on display in our Bars & Restaurant since our major refurbishment in the year 2000.  If the purpose of art is to inspire conversation and opinion, then the wonderful, colourful and contemporary pieces certainly achieve that. I can’t recall the number of customers that enquire about the artwork and the artist, but it would be in the hundreds.  We are very delighted to display Mr Broughton’s work. While The Caxton has always been famous for its sporting heritage, its proximity to Suncorp Stadium and for our award winning steak and seafood Char Grill, the artwork of Nicholas J Broughton continues to impress.
Please come in and enjoy it for yourself!

Ross Farquhar, Owner / Manager, The Caxton Hotel - Brisbane

I just want to comment on how wonderful your Favela Series is. I have two pieces of your work and absolutely love them!!!! I have one hanging in my house in San Francisco, and one hanging in my house in Queensland. I am not usually one that takes to painting, but this series is so moving to me. They are a story in themselves. And you see something different from afar, while as you get closer another story unveils. These are fabulous works of art. I thank you for introducing them to me.
Sincerely, Trish Bourke

“Our painting by Nick is very special. By capturing the skyline of our home city and our current location it means a lot to us. Combined with the photos of our families and little pictures of things in our past, as well as the All Blacks doing the haka, there is always something new to see, and it is a real talking point when we have friends around. The fact that we both actually painted a little bit as well, makes it special. We receive a tremendous amount of joy from our painting, as we did through the whole of experience of designing it with Nick and Audra. It is an absolutely spectacular piece and will always take pride of place in our home, wherever that may be.”
Bill Doak – IBM Australia

“We were first introduced to Nicholas by an architect friend in 2000. We had just built a new house & needed artwork for the bare walls. We were impressed with Nicholas’ style, use of colour & sense of fun & the fact that he could customize his paintings to suit our interiors. We were delighted with the result so much that, in 2008, we commissioned Nicholas to create another five substantial paintings for our new city apartment.”
Australian art collectors “Peter and Jan”.
Just to let you know my partner loves his painting. He was just stunned at first and now he has it sitting right next to his desk - he keeps walking into the room and muttering "I really like it" (you have to know him - that is verrry good :-) ).  Julie, VIC
Thank you for seeing a wonderful mixture of your art. It's hanging up now in a place where it gives me inspiration to drink plonk & smoke cig's & play guitar. I don't really know how to explain a real satisfaction a painting can do to ones self, But this painting out of all my others puts a big smile on my face. I can't wait to show all my friends. All the best to you and your family. Cheers.  Allan, NSW