Artists are often obsessive about their particular discipline and none more so than Nicholas Broughton who considers a day without painting or sculpting to be incomplete as he is a self-confessed “addict to the canvas”. 

A fascination with the human condition and a childhood passion for painting and sculpture have crystalised in him resulting in a desire to paint pictures that are honest expressions of his inner feelings and personal experiences – “from the heart”.  His varied background has no doubt contributed to this fascination for the vibrancy of life that he so confidently depicts in his paintings and sculptures.

 He was born in Mali, in the part of Bamako which is now the home of the Malian jazz scene. From Mali he moved to Brighton in England at a young age and from there to Bangkok, Thailand, where he spent the next six years of his life absorbing the colours, smells and tastes of the Orient. 

His most formative years were spent in Brazil where, in addition to learning Portuguese, he learned to adapt to a fascinating and variegated scene where different cultural backgrounds and traditions blend together. This time in Brazil helped to inspire his current "Favela" series. 

The Brazilian artist Di Cavalcanti was an early influence but after he started painting seriously, the influence of Picasso, Modigliani, and Chagall has dominated his canvasses and sculptures. Nicholas’s clarity of idea and image, and distinctive sense of colour attest to his daring individual stance in making powerful impassioned statements. 


My paintings do not have to be considered beautiful as long as they make people think and instil in them the desired emotion. People see things differently, feel things differently and react to life differently, therefore a piece of art forms a unique relationship with each individual”.  Nicholas.